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Carlo Vicari

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VeriBlock secures the worlds blockchains using Bitcoin.

Currently, Bitcoin miners use Proof-of-Work to secure the Bitcoin network. 
All that computational power gives Bitcoin the ability to deliver unprecedented security. 
However, it only secures one blockchain, Bitcoin.
Conversely, many other blockchains have weaker security.
This leaves them prone to attack from malicious actors that want to disrupt and steal from the network. 
What if there was a way to reuse Bitcoin’s unmatched computational power, making it more eco-friendly,
while at the same time providing security to other blockchain networks at risk of attack?

VeriBlock is the solution. 

VeriBlock secures the world’s blockchains by introducing a new consensus protocol, Proof-of-Proof. This gamifies decentralized security by introducing a new class of miner, a PoP miner, who uses VeriBlock coins as ‘mining rigs’. In return for their service, PoP miners receive compensation for securing other blockchains through VeriBlock. 

Using VeriBlock, every blockchain can benefit from Bitcoin’s unmatched computational power and unparalleled security.

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