Sandra Wu
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Sandra Wu

  • Страна
  • China
  • Город
  • Hong Kong
  • Образование
  • University of Sydney, James Ruse Agricultural High School

Origin x Capital seeks to bring together a team of analysts, traders and developers to incubate and invest in digital asset projects. The team is based out of offices in Europe, U.S. and Asia to deliver 24 hour access to the markets. 

We aim to find the opportunities that diversify and increase the value of our clients’ digital asset portfolios. To that end, Origin x Capital has built a diverse team with specialties in project diligence, law, fin tech and enterprise business development. Our strategic advisory services include assistance with performance marketing, community management, legal and compliance matters, fundraising advice and exchange listing. Our investment arm represents certified accredited investors looking to use our diligence and investigatory services to assess crypto projects for potential investment. Together, the Origin x Capital team strives to deliver sound advice based on accurate and up-to-date information to our clients.

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