Steve Sprague
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Steve Sprague

  • Страна
  • USA
  • Город
  • Lenox, Massachusetts
  • Образование
  • Cornell University

Steven Sprague is the CEO of Rivetz Corp., a director at Wave Systems Corp. and one of the principle industry evangelists for the application of trusted computing technology. Steven served as President and CEO for 14 years at Wave before transitioning to the board of directors. A popular speaker on cybersecurity and trusted computing, Steven has a strong technical foundation in the principles, capabilities and business models of incorporating trusted hardware into everyday computing, and is skilled at translating these concepts into layman’s terms.

Steven has a passion for making trusted computing’s best-in-class security solutions accessible, understandable and easy-to-use, and has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises secure their data and networks. He was influential in the development and application of the self-encrypting drive industry standards, supporting the technology early and leading the commercialization of drive management and recovery capabilities. During his tenure at Wave, over 130 million copies of licensed software were delivered globally through multiple PC OEM partners, and the US and European governments took clear strides to standardize on the use of trusted computing. Steven holds a number of patents and continues to push for market adoption of industry standards-based security.

Steven graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He enjoys farming in Western Massachusetts with his wife, two daughters, and a few too many horses.

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