Paul Veradittakit
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Paul Veradittakit

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  • USA
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  • San Francisco Bay Area
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  • University of California, Berkeley

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In my experience, luck doesn’t come to you. You make it happen! 

With this mindset, I’ve helped brilliant people solve big problems in new, exciting ways for more than 7 years through my work in the venture capital space.

It doesn’t matter if I’m negotiating an agreement, steering an acquisition process, or managing an “out there” request—I work tirelessly to make things happen. Beyond my unmatched work ethic, colleagues know me for my ability to spark strong relationships in an instant.

I listen and really get to know people. 

The understanding I build allows me to close deals confidently and match startups with the resources and strategies they need into order to be successful. 

As a manager, I guide people and provide the room they need to figure things out on their own. At the end of any process, I look to review things and determine how they fit into the big picture. It’s this eye for detail and passion for executing the best work possible that’s helped me to secure over 30 venture investments, over 20 token investments, and key partnerships for portfolio companies around the world.

If you like talking about disruptive technologies, innovative products, or startup fundraising strategies, I welcome the chance to connect with you. Some of my specialties include:

► Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers, Decentralization, Bitcoin, Digital Currencies & Cryptocurrencies 
► E-Commerce, Brand & Product Management, Consumer Internet, & Marketing
► Financial Services, Fundraising, & Venture Capital

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