Dr. Rajeev Surati
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Dr. Rajeev Surati

  • Страна
  • USA
  • Город
  • Greater Boston Area
  • Образование
  • University Prep, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founder of Flash Communications - - sold to Microsoft(MSFT) in 1999 as precursor to MSN Messenger service and Exchange IM. 

Founder of Photo.net- largest online photography community and one of the first photosharing websites, in 2000 it was a top 1000 website sold to NameMedia in 2007

Founder of Scalable Display Technologies in Cambridge, MA. Build multiprojector seamless displays with no boundaries .
Founded Scalable Display Technologies in 2004 based on my Phd Thesis from MIT, built team, funding and business model. Business is profitable and we recently spunout and sold a seamless whiteboard product I created in 2011 now known as HuddleWall.

I am very good at helping startups at any stage with business development, product management, product market fit, licensing, IP creation, funding, getting customers, recruiting, and strategic m&a especially with technology based companies. 

Specialties: software architecture, product development, business model creation, business development, technology road maps

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