Prof. David Mazieres
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Prof. David Mazieres

  • Страна
  • USA
  • Город
  • San Francisco, California
  • Образование
  • Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I have lots of research experience in computer systems. I'm looking for good programmers interested in working on open source projects at Stanford, Intrinsic (GitStar), or Stellar.

(This profile is a joke. I needed to create a profile just to view other people's pages. I doubt anyone will see it, but in all seriousness, if you've read some of my papers, know the kinds of things I work on, and are interested in a great job in the Bay Area, please contact me and I'll send you something more serious. Make sure to use the email address from my personal web page, as the address I registered with linked-in gets tons of phishing email, so I usually disable it.)

Specialties: Operating systems, security, distributed systems.

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