Dr. Michael O’Sullivan
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Dr. Michael O’Sullivan

  • Страна
  • New Zealand
  • Город
  • Auckland
  • Образование
  • The University of Auckland, Stanford University

I specialise in utilising Operations Research (OR) and Analytics to develop intelligent systems in many application areas including:

1) Construction Management - I work on cutting-edge research to provide simulation of construction projects. These virtual environments will provide construction planners and managers with a platform to investigate the effect of decisions before implementing those decision in practice;

2) Infrastructure Planning under Uncertainty - I work with ICS Consulting (UK) to develop OR/Analytics tools for Water Resources Planning. These tools embed management of uncertainty in, e.g., supply, demand, and cost, into the optimal planning framework. This approach can be utilised for other industries that rely heavily on infrastructure, e.g., electricity and gas utilities, dairy processing;

3) Healthcare – I have developed models for providing OR/Analytics for healthcare systems including data-driven optimised rosters for General Medicine, optimal rostering and dispatch for Patient Transit, and simulation and optimisation for surgery scheduling;

4) Cloud Computing – I pioneered the concept of OR/Analytics-based intelligence modules and these modules combine with cloud computing modules such as Compute, Store, and Connect to provide intelligent clouds;

5) Government – I work on integrating and analysing data to forecast future demand for government services. This analysis/forecasting helps determine the best way to provide the government services and identify the need for future investment.

My work in OR/Analytics provided innovative tools for use across all the application areas and other areas, such as Transport, could also benefit from an OR/Analytics approach.

I am interested in research or consulting work on practical OR, for cloud computing, health-care services, water resources planning, financial systems, telecommunications, transportation, etc. I am also interested in working on the computational tools for OR algorithms and methods.

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