Prof. Cameron Walker
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Prof. Cameron Walker

  • Страна
  • New Zealand
  • Образование
  • The University of Auckland

My research interests are Network Optimization, Simulation and Statistical Modeling. The main projects I am involved in are:
1) Statistical Modeling for Orthopaedic Research: The main focus has been investigating the effectiveness of the tools and materials used by Orthopaedic surgeons (prostheses, cements, computer-assisted navigation systems), although I have also been involved in projects investigating alternatives to surgery (Ponseti techniques for correction of clubfeet). 
2) Design of Innovative Storage Systems. The work I have done in this area has focused on approaches to automatically produce optimal designs. Beyond the design of the physical network there is significant complexity involved in monitoring and simulating a storage system in action, and the integration of this complexity into our optimization techniques is the long-term goal of this work. 
3) Techniques for analyzing Spatial Statistics: The analysis of spatial statistics is a relatively new area of research with few mature techniques available. The difficulty in adequately capturing shape information within a summary statistic is great, and I have concentrated on two approaches for tackling the problem. The first is simulation: I have investigated the spatial properties of some of the biological tissue networks within the heart by analyzing 2d scans and building simulations of the apparent structure. The second approach I have developed for dealing with spatial statistics is a spatially adaptive local smoothing algorithm incorporating regression splines in 1 and 2 dimensions. Currently this technique is being used to build models for Environmental impact assessments.

Specialties: Building mathematical models to assist in complex decision making.

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