Dr. Felix Xia
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Dr. Felix Xia

  • Страна
  • New Zealand
  • Город
  • Auckland
  • Образование
  • Zhejiang University, Business School Netherlands, Massey University

Felix Xia is a serial entrepreneur with his businesses diversifying across a range of industries. 
His work includes IT, Cleantech and Environment Technologies, Five Star MediSpa Chains, Medical and Beauty Equipment, Human Resource Management and Business Consulting Service

Felix brings immense practical experience, business strategy and a hands-on approach to strategic execution. 

His first New Zealand enterprise was Suntech Group Ltd. In 1998 they were first to market with the “$1 a day – Free Alarm” concept to private home - owners. The business strategy was a huge success and took the market by storm and became the third largest domestic security company in NZ.

Between 2008 and 2012, Felix diverted most of his energy into Angel Investment and Corporate Strategy Consulting - “competing for the future”. This included:
• Managing R&D funding and sponsoring university research 
• Working with research teams from Universities for commercialization. 

His company has been a success in cloud computing, environment technology and cleantech. 

In 2015, he began to take charge of technology commercial collaboration in China for the University of Auckland and later established the University of Auckland Innovation Institute and served as the Vice President.

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